A Stellar Network Visualizer

Just a little fun development project (WIP). First version is online.

So after several years I now just came back to the stellar development thing and searched for a nice visualization of all payment transactions in the network. As I couldn’t find any, I started my own little project using sigma.js.

It is online and will be updated any time I find some time to contribute to the project.


  • You can zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel.
  • Hovering a node displays the stallar address.
  • If you click “stop layout” you can hover over the edges and see the actual transferred tokens between those two nodes and you can drag nodes around for better overview.

I’ve also added some interactive filter (filters are case sensitivity!)

  • soft filter for hiding and showing edges and nodes of specific assets. Nodes and edges of non-visible assets are added hidden and can be viewed by deactivating the filter.
  • hard filter for deleting nodes and edges of specific assets and prevent the system from adding them to any part of the webapp.

Both filters can be used combined and can work excluding or including.

If you set the hard filter to “xlm MFN USD” in inclusive (nonexclusive) mode, Only payments of these 3 assets will be added to the graph. After that you can temporarily exclude MFN and USD from the graph by setting the soft filter to “MFN USD” in exclusive mode (checkbox checked).

Maybe some of the filter combinations lead to unwanted behavior cause my brain is twisted right now..

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